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After Dusk: The Rising

Survive amidst hunger, thirst, and cold. Overcome challenges, light up a fire, build a shelter, hunt animals, forge alliances, and form a city. Each step towards survival is a unique and thrilling adventure!


Unreal Engine

Welcome to Gravulse, an innovative space-warping laboratory attempting to "flip" the laws of physics, quite literally. Here, you will embark on numerous test levels utilizing various new technologies!



Website | Everything for Minecraft

Minecraft Website Portal by verkme

The best resource for Minecraft, where you will find everything from resource packs to mods.

Server Minecraft | Private

Minecraft Private server Semi-vanilla by verkme

A unique private server that will show you Minecraft in a new way. Changed game rules and more challenging gameplay with new content!

Website | Library with ratings

Experience Metaworlds Website by verkme, illystray

A library of proven games from Roblox, divided by scores, difficulty levels and genres. You can also find the best Meta world and various information on Roblox.

Roblox Experience

In-Dev Roblox by verkme, illystray

An exciting cooperative puzzle game inside an abandoned laboratory with a nostalgic atmosphere of solitude and utopia.

Game for Windows

Release: December 21, 2020 Windows by verkme, illystray

Welcome to Gravulse, an innovative space curvature laboratory that is trying to "flip" the laws of physics, literally.